Security Policy

* Whenever required, locks are fitted to Insurance Specs and British Standards BS 3621

* Discretion is of paramount importance. We use only unmarked vehicles.

* No Customer's security fittings or installations are ever discussed with any third party.

* In accordance with Police recommendations  (Crime Prevention Advice from North Yorkshire Police) identification relating to an address is required when obtaining access to any premises. (York Council By-Laws)

* We fit locks resistant to picking and bumping attacks as seen on TV (BBC Yorkshire News Lock-Snapping Burglaries in Bradford 2012) and on the internet (Lock-Snapping Video)

Environmental Policy

 * Used keys, locks, handles etc. are recycled as scrap metal.

* We attempt always to use materials and methods which are not harmful to the environment or to wildlife.

* We are constantly reviewing our uses of and disposal of paper, packaging, solvents, lubricants etc. in accordance European Standards and Directives.


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To Contact Us:

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